Sunday, April 17, 2011

Final post. Enjoy.

Here are just a few things I will NOT miss about my future ex,

HIS SMOKING!!!  Being lied to about his smoking, and the smoke filled garage.  We were always short on cash for necessities but he could always find money for cigarettes and his nasty cigars

Arguing with him about why he doesn't contribute to his retirement

His lying

His wandering eye

Wondering how many other dating websites he is registered at

His BIG talking name dropping habit

His unwillingness to try anything new

His empty promises

Him telling me I am a bad mother

No more being blamed for everything that has gone wrong in our lives

Being ignored while we sit less than 3 feet apart on the couch

His lack of drive and determination

Tolerate his inability to complete home repair projects

Watching him pick at the acne on his face then smell his fingers

Watching him pick his nose then wipe his fingers on his pants or lick his fingers

Hearing him exclaim "Oh yeah" after farting

No more complaining that I didn't thank him for noticing that he did something within 2 seconds after coming in the door

Having to vacuum up toilet paper balls from the bathroom floor from him wiping his ass

No more road rage or texting while driving

No more excuses that all guys look at porn!  It's a guy thing isn't an excuse.

Pretending not to be annoyed when he entertains himself on his Porn-phone.  He guards that phone with his life.

Hiding his pornography collection

Watching him ignore the kids while he entertains himself on his Porn-phone

Tolerate his mother


Getting updates on having to clip his toe nails

Listen to his whining

Sharing my tweezers with him so he can dig into his face

Begging for him to get off the couch

Listening to him complain about not having friends or hobbies

His preference for store bought presents vs. gifts I made with love for him

Him telling me he didn't know what to get me for a gift, we were together for a LONG time and had no idea of my likes and interests.  And then telling me it was insulting to him when I provided him a list of possible gifts

Living off plastic.  Good thing I canceled our credit cards.

Credit card late fees!!!


Hearing him complain about not having any money and his insistence to borrow money from my mother

Asking me "Any thoughts on dinner?"

Picking up his dirty clothes from all over the house

His idea of doing the laundry meant decorating the living room with baskets full of laundry or clothes piled on the couch

His inability to make decisions.

Asking me questions any 2 year old could answer

Hearing him make that chewing on his tongue noise when he is concentrating


Repeating myself

Hearing him start off a question with the following, "Well I told you about..."  If you know you already told me then why mention it again?

Complaints that I don't buy boneless skinless chicken breasts

Complaining about his crappy used car that HE picked out and just HAD to have

Hearing him complain that I had a 8 year old new car.  HE bought me my H2 as a Mothers Day present!


Hearing about how he is not appreciated at his crap job.  He NEVER did anything to transfer departments, get promoted, etc.

Hearing about how he is so important at his crap job.  I swear if a bird pooped on a window it was an emergency call.

Getting scratched in bed by the talons on his feet

Complaining about not being able to sleep in.  We have 4 kids!