Monday, June 13, 2011


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I didn’t expect to write another post after closing down in April but I have gotten a lot of feedback, both good and bad. My Google Analytics reports are exploding. To date my last post has been translated into 4 languages and has had visitors as far away as Brazil. It’s funny that one post has had more traffic than everything I had posted before.

The reason I deleted and closed everything down was because my identity had been compromised. Internet security and privacy is a big deal to me. This individual is of little consequence to me. I know that anything posted on the internet is fair game but I would rather not have people reading my thoughts who know who I am in real life. Go get your jollies somewhere else. There is a new blog for lunchtime crafts, pot pie art and everything from my Target cart. Try an see if you can find it. : )

In all the feedback there have been some questions that have been repeatedly asked,

1. What happened to your marriage? – I don’t know. Everything blew up all at once. All attempts at any repair or reconciliation were rejected from day one. The final straw that set the inevatable in motion was apparently a lie. Even most recently any mention of therapy or counseling are ignored.

2. Is there anything you will miss about your future EX? – Of course. Grilled cheese sandwiches, Rocky Road ice cream, the I Love You song, the Gummi Bear song, special sayings or gestures that only we shared, commando trips to Disney World, being with someone who knew exactly how to order my breakfast tacos, breakfast in bed, special suprises of clearance merchandise or magazines. You get the picture, it’s not like everything was bad.

3. Why are comments turned off? – My intent when shutting down was to make the final post then never return to post again. I didn’t really expect any comments because I had so little traffic and I didn’t want to have to moderate any comments. If you have something to say send me an e-mail,

4. Are you ok? – I guess…I pay a crazy amount of money to see a therapist every week. Everyone should consider therapy at some point in their life. Things I had suspected have been confirmed and I am working through the stigma. Admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery.

So there you have it. See you on the other side.