Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Are you a good wife?

He who must not be named, NOT Lord Voldemort (I wouldn't want to disrespect Lord Voldemort by associating him with the other he who must not be named) informed me that I was not a good wife.  He provided one specific reason.  Apparently I was a bad wife because I did not give him enough any ORAL SEX.  Give me a fucking break.  I got married so I WOULDN'T have to do that!  Forget the fact that I couldn't stand looking at his chicken skin.  He felt very confident in this assessment of my wifely responsibilities.  I even asked him if that's what I should teach our daughter to ensure she is a good wife; SILENCE.  Just as expected because the argument was stupid.

So mothers be sure to sit down with your daughters and have this important talk BEFORE she gets married to ensure she is a successful wife.  Probably also wouldn't be a bad idea to let your sons in on this expectation so he knows EXACTLY what to look for in a potential wife.

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