Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dumb Shit the EX says...

You expect me to pay for toothbrushes!? - kids first overnight stay with him and he was FURIOUS when he realized he was expected to feed, clothe and house them while they are in his possession.

I refuse to pay for duplicates of things the kids already own - He doesn't believe the kids should have the same things at both our residences.

We both know I don't have to play dumb - haha

I'm not good with this stuff - he was wrong AGAIN with the stipulations from the temporary orders.  This may be my first time also but I can read!

You are causing me to be negative every month because you have me under temporary orders - He's negative because he can't control his money.  And final orders aren't going to change anything.

I'm in debt now because you threw me out - Not really.  He is in debt because he's spent over $8500 in just over 2 months on garbage.

I didn't know I could take the kids overnight - Maybe he doesn't know how to read...