Saturday, July 2, 2011

I'm not going to miss these either...

Blood and pus splatters on the mirrors from him picking at his face.  I pray our kids don't get cursed with his terrible complexion.

Him constantly threateningly me that he is going to take the kids away from me.

Wondering exactly how many of his female co-workers he slept with.

Having to go clothes/shoe/anything shopping with him.  He can't make a decision to save his life.  We would usually walk out of the store empty handed because he would give up.

Always being late because he all of a sudden has to take a crap the second we had to leave somewhere.

Finding porn on our home computer.

Lying in bed next to him while he watches porn on his porn phone then me pretending not to notice the bed moving.

Pee all around the toilet and on the floor.

Speeding tickets and false car insurance claims.

Lying on his insurance information that he is a non smoker so he can get the discount.

Hearing the same old stories about his humanitarian work at the missions in Mexico. From what he said the only mission work he did was screw everyone who was on the same trip.

Hearing how he works with morons and he is the ONLY one that does ANY work.

Missing out on benefits because he is too lazy to fill out forms or do any research.

His general messy-ness and disorganization.

Filing taxes last minute because of said messy-ness and disorganization.

His mispronunciations.  It's,
oblige not oblawge
nauseous not nausezous
supposedly not supposably
anyway not anyways
used to not use to
I can go on forever...

Hearing him complain about his current medical problem but never go to the doctor/dentist.

Crying like a baby because he got sunburned on his neck even though he was reminded about sunscreen and how much of a baby he was last time.

Being in debt.

Having to constantly say no to his disgusting requests.  Apparently the fact that I didn't have the same interests made me a bad wife.

Hearing him complain about being so tired because he stayed up late watching garbage on TV all night and passed out on the couch.

Need I go on?

Hello to everyone in Brazil.